The 10 Best Figma Plugins That Make Life Easy

Apr 12, 2024

Pink Flower

What are Figma PlugIns?

Figma Plugins offer extended functions and features to users. They are programs created by the community (often companies) and are integrated into Figma. You can access the plugins by using the shortcut SHIFT + I. Alternatively, you can click Resources in the toolbar. 

  1. Unsplash

The Unsplash Figma plugin provides a photo and video library unlike any other. The stock photos and videos contained in Unsplash deviate from traditional cliche stock photos. You’ll never worry about finding the right photo with Unsplash.

  1. Organic Shapes

One of our personal favourites at Moki Studios. The Organic Shapes plugin lets you create beautiful asymmetric shapes that give life and personality to your website. There’s nothing wrong with circles and squares, but using unique organic shapes takes your web design game to a whole new level.

  1. IconScout

Iconscout is one of the world’s largest icon libraries. Search for thousands of icons using the Figma plugin to find the perfect icon for every part of your website. Whether you’re designing service cards, pricing sections or anything in between - iconscout will have the perfect icon for you. You can even sort by icon set to make all your website’s icons look similar.

  1. Figma to Code

This incredible plugin turns Figma designs into production-ready code in a number of languages, including React, HTML and CSS.

  1. Figma to Framer

If you’re developing on the ever popular Framer, you’ll want to have this plugin ready. Copy any element to your Framer file in seconds. While it’s not perfect it can give you a great starting point for your Framer development. 

  1. Figma to Webflow

Much like the Figma to Framer plugin, the Figma to Webflow plugin can save you massive amounts of time. Again, don’t expect it to be perfect - but it can serve as a great starting point for your Webflow development.

  1. Remove BG

Remove any background seamlessly with the Remove BG plugin. You no longer need to open your browser on your second monitor to get the image you need for your project. Integrated almost seamlessly with Figma, this plugin is a life saver.

  1. LottieFiles

A Lottie FIle  is a JSON-based animation file format. They are extremely small files that that can be scaled up or down and they are the industry standard when it comes to web design. Designers love using Lotties and the plugin means that you can create these animations on Figma and export to Lottie.

  1. LoremIpsum

Placeholder text is a must when it comes to making wireframes. We all know and love Lorem Ipsum but it can be a hassle to look up. The LoremIpsum plugin means you always have that placeholder text on hand so that you can speed through wireframes. It even has placeholder images to make life just a little bit easier as a web designer.

  1. Blush

Your one stop shop for illustrations. Blush has hundreds of illustrations ready at hand for you to use in your designs. It’s great if you want to spice up an otherwise boring website design. 



Moki Studios 2024

Based in Melbourne



Moki Studios 2024

Based in Melbourne