5 Web Design Trends in 2024 We Love

Mar 15, 2024


Web designers and agencies are pushing the boundaries of web design in 2024. Gone are the days of boring old static websites that make you snooze. In 2024, websites reflect a business’ brand, personality and digital presence. You’ve got to stand-out with a modern and sleek design

Here are some of our favourite design trends that will turn heads and raise eyebrows.

Big Bold Display Texts

Big display fonts are in and we are all for it. Most of your audience will skim your website and won’t read word for word. Despite the effort you put into the copy, the site’s body text and even subheadings won’t really be read. Designers have been getting around this in a stylish way with large unmissable display texts - often used as a ticker (scrolling horizontally on the page). It gets a user’s attention and hammers home the key messages you want to be remembered.

glyph uses a beautiful, bold and unmissable hero section.

Inkredible Notary: Can you guess what these guys do?

Trendy Footers

At Moki Studios, we are saying goodbye to boring footers. The once neglected footer is your chance to make a lasting impression. Show off your brand’s personality with a footer unlike 99% of all other sites. Similar to the first trend, a big bold display text is the perfect starting point to get a trendy footer that all the big web design agencies are using.

Kinetic leaves an impression with it's footer.

Hoodzpah shows off their branding like no other in their footer.

Bento Boxes

No, not those bento boxes. Bento Boxes are a trendy geometric layout that’s highly customisable and flexible. It can group your content together and makes otherwise mundane design elements come to life when they’re viewed together. It works with everything - you can’t go wrong.

iconwerk shows off its talent with neat bento boxes.

Bolt is able to visually show its services in a bento-like card layout.

Minimalist Designs

We all love websites that are packed with great designs. But that doesn’t mean websites need to be busy to be beautiful. Some modern sites are going more minimal for good reason. Whether it’s a minimal colour scheme, a minimal layout, or just plain old minimal - these websites are just as eye-catching.

Medusa: elegant but minimal

3D and 3D effects

Nothing grabs your attention more than a hero section with a 3D effect. You only have a few seconds to make an impression on your audience - and a digital pop-up book is one way to get their attention. Check out a couple of our favourites that we’ve designed in 2024.

booch: an in your face design that grabs your attention.

Walker's Chocolates: Chocolate-y goodness that pops.



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